Nokia Lumia 800 review! Reviewed by Momizat on . The Nokia Lumia 800 is probably the best Nokia phone in a generation, the first innovative one since the N95 a good five years ago. In fact the Lumia 800 is the The Nokia Lumia 800 is probably the best Nokia phone in a generation, the first innovative one since the N95 a good five years ago. In fact the Lumia 800 is the Rating:
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Nokia Lumia 800 review!

The Nokia Lumia 800 is probably the best Nokia phone in a generation, the first innovative one since the N95 a good five years ago. In fact the Lumia 800 is the first Nokia phone not to run a Nokia owned OS; this baby runs Windows Phone 7 Mango. In fact currently this is the flagship Windows Phone 7 device, but how does it compare to the other flagships; the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S. This device was provided by PurelyGadgets.















The hardware of this phone is incredible in terms of feel and build. The device is made from an amazing solid and good-looking polycarbonate body. In fact the device is probably on of the best feeling devices in the world. Furthermore the screen curves around the phone, providing a simple but beautiful look to the device. The polycarbonate shell is resistant to scratches and abrasions, which is good but offers no improvement in terms of resistance compared to plastic on the Galaxy Nexus, but is a major step up compared to the iPhone 4S.

The device is based on the Nokia N9 phone; which has a slightly larger screen and no capacitive buttons, the N9 runs MeeGo and offers none of the advanced Windows Phone 7 features.

The Lumia 800 packs a 1.4Ghz Single Core Snapdragon processor 512MB of RAM, and an advanced 8MP Carl Zeiss lens camera. The device comes installed with 16GB of internal memory, matching that of the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S.The Device also comes with the usual hardware buttons, unlock, volume rocker and camera button. Microsoft requires all buttons in the general hardware specifications.

Nokia makes the Lumia 800 in three colours, black, blue and pink; all of which look great on the device. While this device is definitely good-looking there is always the thought in your back of your mind that it could have looked better, without the imbalanced capacitive buttons that were added onto the chassis this device could have looked amazing, now it simply looks like a good device; which frankly is disappointing. Fortunately nobody bought the N9 so                                                                                                             Nobody can tell.


The Lumia 800 has an AMOLED ClearBlack display which offers excellent contrast and rendering, however unlike the Galaxy Nexus the RGBG pentile matrix is very noticeable. In fact compared to both the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus this screen is not that great. However when put into perspective with other Windows Phone 7 Phones you would be wrong to say that this is not one the best screens ever to appear on the platform.

The screen is the usual 3.7inchs, the same as the HTC Radar and the LG Optimus 7. This is unfortunate as the original design from the N9 had a 3.9inch with whole 54 lines extra of pixels. These were excluded to fit with hardware requirements; the buttons and the set resolution of 480*800. Of course as optimists point out the operating system will be updated to Apollo, which will increase the reference design. Larger resolutions are expected in the future.

Overall while the display is not the best on the market it does its jobs well and the high contrast fits very well with the bright and colourful Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. The screen comes laminated onto a Gorilla Glass touch panel, which resists all scratches and even drops. To such an extent as you can literally scrape a key along the phone without a scratch showing up; not that we card try.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Lumia 800 is excellent, with hours of use without charging, while the single core processor and low resolution screen definitely did not hurt, obviously it is an efficient phone. Getting through a full day with ease, out of all of the flagships phones, this is the best for battery life. Well done Nokia, well done! However when compared to their Symbian and Meego phones the Battery life is just not as good, also Windows Phone 7 is very efficient and other Windows Phones offer similar battery life.


The camera on the Lumia 800 is also excellent with good colour accuracy and vibrant images. In fact the f2.2 lens is nearly as good as its older brother the N8, which was more of a camera than a phone. The Lumia 800 offers excellent 720p video but when compared to both the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone camcorders it doesn’t quite live up to the 1080p Goliaths.  The camera has god low light picture-taking abilities but struggles with fast-moving objects, most are a least blurred around the edges. The dual LED flash works well and is probably one of the best flashes found on a smart phone.

However when compared to the Galaxy Nexus camera on stills its quite even, but the iPhone 4S camera still wins hands down.  In fact we would have no problem with saying this phone camera is excellent but the iPhone’s is better, Nokia have finally been knocked off the top spot for cameras!


The Nokia runs Windows Phone 7 Mango, the latest version of the Microsoft’s mobile operating system. When compared with Android and iOS, it definitely is a viable alternative. Now that it multitasks it can compare to the likes of these giants of the Mobile world. In fact the Operating System is the best in terms of fluidity, only let down by its small amount of apps compared to iOS and Android.

This clearly is extremely good software and it solely depends on what you put first; fluidity and Microsoft services, or customizability and Google services or alternatively high quality apps and Apple iTunes services. Furthermore this phone adds extra functionality to Windows Phone, with the most important extra being Nokia Drive, which is a navigation app akin to Google Navigation, and according to some people its much better. I haven’t tried it out for long so I can’t comment on how good it is compared to Google Navigation, but it seems to match up feature for feature.



This is one of the best devices currently available and without doubt I would recommend this to some people. People who don’t want an iPhone, or want something cheaper than an iPhone, but simply can’t cope with android quite yet. Or gamers who always want to be connected Xbox Live, or even weirder, people who love Zune! But most of all this phone is designed for productivity live every Windows Phone and Nokia before it, no other OS can match Office Mobile or outlook for Windows Phone.

Simply this phone is great alternative for businessmen and women from the dying Blackberry ecosystem. It offers every that is needed, secure Outlook email, Office, Adobe Reader etc. and offers simplicity to people making it easy to teach by the tech departments.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great consumer phone too, but on app, specs and branding, this doesn’t quite live up to the iPhone or the Galaxy Nexus.



  • Great OS
  • Good Camera
  • Good Value for Money
  • Great looking device


  • Specs aren’t killer
  • Not enough high quality apps on the Marketplace yet
  • Always in terms of aesthetics in the shadow of the N9


Score: 4.3/5.0


Price: £449.00 from PurelyGadgets


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